Our Story

Hungry Herd was born from the desire to provide healthy, satisfying meals to our families that was both easy and affordable.

With full schedules that never seemed to end, finding the time to hit the grocery store between it all was a challenge. Knowing we weren’t the only ones experiencing this on a daily basis, we decided to step up to the plate. And that’s how Hungry Herd was created—an affordable, convenient way to get dinner on the table without needing a trip to the grocery store.

We sought out the best butchers in our community to select popular quality cuts of Canadian beef, chicken and pork many families consider staples in their freezers.

Now, we’re ready to deliver it to your door so you can spend more time with those you love, and less money on healthy delicious meals.

Build your box. Receive your order. Unpack and enjoy. From doorstep to dinner table in three easy steps. That’s Hungry Herd.

Our Mission

To provide families with quality, locally produced meats at affordable prices.

Our Vision

To serve customers quality, Canadian meat products across Canada.



Hungry Herd Values


Like you, we care about what we feed our families. That’s why our expert butchers always select the highest quality cuts of 100% natural Canadian meat that’s free of fillers and additives.


Whether it’s a family of one or a family of five, we know it can be expensive to eat delicious, healthy meals. That’s why we consistently offer lower prices on top-quality proteins that won’t break the bank.


We’re here to make life easier for you by bringing freshly packaged and proportioned meat to your door when you expect it—each and every time.