St. Louis Pork Side Ribs – Hungry Herd
St. Louis Pork Side Ribs

St. Louis Pork Side Ribs

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" St Louis ribs are flatter and easier to brown and get just right on the grill, they can cook more evenly, which is excellent. They also have a more succulent and fattier characteristic. The fat is bursting with flavour, but there is meat there as well."
  • Product Information:
    2 KGs per order
    $17.00 per kilogram

    Shipping Details:

    • The ribs are individually quick frozen and bagged together.
    • IQF means you can easily take out one rib at a time. 

    Cooking Tips:

    • 250 degrees is the sweet spot for cooking ribs.
    • Rest the ribs for 15 minutes before serving them.