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New York Strip Loin
New York Strip Loin

New York Strip Loin

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"The New York Strip Loin has an intense flavor, with bold, beefy notes. It’s not the most tender steak – one of the reasons people love it is for its great bite and solid chew"

Product Information:

  • $12.98 per steak!
  • 2 kg (6 x 330 grams of New York strip loin)
  • $38.94 per kilogram
  • 28-day dry-aged (this beef does not require any further aging)
  • 100% Alberta beef

Shipping Details:

  • Our New York strip loins are shipped frozen in MULTIVAC bags

Tempering Procedure:

  1. Remove from plastic bag and place in a covered container in your fridge for 24 hours prior to cooking.
  2. Add any marinade needed at this time as well.
  3. Remove from the fridge after 24 hours and prepare for your desired cooking method.

Cooking Tips:

  • Sear the steak on each side on the stovetop before cooking it in the oven at 250 degrees Celcius over a long period of time.
  • Remember to let the meat rest for a minimum of 5 minutes before serving.